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Our Team

Emma Tolsdorf

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Hi there! My name is Emma Tolsdorf, and I am the founder and CEO of I developed this company to bring data-driven technologies to family medicine physicians. As a PhD candidate in neuroscience at McMaster University, I have been a part of the development of amazing technologies that could truly help improve the human condition. Though many data-driven health technologies exist, they are highly under-utilized in practice due to barriers to accessing them. Here at, we strive to make these technologies available to our nation’s primary care physicians to help them provide better patient care and alleviate their administrative workload. We are a small group of highly excited and inspired individuals, and we are always looking for passionate and highly skilled people to join us in our mission. 

MacKenzie Aubin

Chief Database Officer

Swara Patel

Research Coordinator & Analyst

Lorand Tar

Senior Developer

Waqas Pervaiz

Junior Developer

Julian Lombardi

Marketing Coordinator